Friday, October 02, 2015


Today on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti I remembered reading about him and just got hold of few of those thoughts. Gandhiji was the one who founded 'Swaraj' which we often interpret as 'Independence' if we see more keenly we can observe it is Swa: self and Raj: rule or in other words rule your self. If we take a deeper thought it connects that understanding of ruling our own self, when we rule our own self we understand the difference in good and bad. We start taking responsibility wherever possible. We do not justify the wrong that we are doing nor do we allow others to do wrong. We are in total control of our thoughts and actions. We are not slaves to anyone not even our wandering mind.
Today we need to understand the true meaning of 'Swaraj' and start doing good and opposing bad.
Another thought of his is very important for us in today's date that is the one who does wrong is bad but the one who tolerates wrong is worst. We as Indians have become toooo tolerant to bad and have forgotten to oppose it. So we should start opposing anything wrong and start doing as much as possible that is good.
So raise your voice against anything going wrong. Its not "them" who will make a difference but 'I' who can. If every person would have thought that let others fight against the British rulers we would have still remained slaves.

Simple things to start with and very easy if you have the will to change things for good in our country would be: stop jumping signals, obey rules made for our good, stop throwing garbage here and there,     segregate waste into dry and wet, stop keeping that casual attitude towards work, do necessary paperwork ,  take proper bills for commodities you purchase. Leave the CHALTA HAI attitude., dont stick to othordox thoughts, think independently of situations and try to understand whether your conscious is allowing you to do that, praise the good that is happening around instead of gossiping, dont waste time use it for something noble.

If we want good change to come we have to change ourselves and others around. We cant rely on handful people who are asking to follow rules and good things whereas the rest majority population of the 1.2 billion is just complaining and blaming and being disobedient and creating problems.
We should stop this attitude of continuous dependence on others for any good. We should stop the slavery of our mind that makes us so materialistic whereby neglecting the bad we are doing in procurement of money for that materialism.
Instead of making fun of 'Bapu' and being slaves to bad things let us remember his contribution and good things he did, also follow the teachings that relate to our betterment. 

Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Who says people waste fuel?
Here infact people do not waste fuel on taking a long route by taking a U Turn on the road, rather they would go the wrong side of the road…

Its so false that people are no longer loving their families..
Infact they love their near and dear ones so much that they carry all of them on the two wheeler they drive…be it four on one vehicle

How false is it that husbands and boyfriends don’t care for their wife or girlfriend.. infact they take the whole risk of life for reading an sms or taking their call while driving…. Mar mitne or marne dono ko tayyar rehte hai ye log…..!!!!

Who said that people here don’t value time? Time is the most important ….Reaching office in time is so essential that it is done at the risk of breaking signals and not wasting a minute stopping in between…..!!

Who said that people do not think good of one another nowadays
Infact they think so high about the others that they feel everybody is “Antaryami” and so great that they can understand that you are taking a turn without showing the indicator of your vehicle

Its so wrong that people here focus on just the "I" "Me" "Myself" factor infact when it comes to telling who is wrong on the road its always "He/She" or "They" or so on...

When it comes to playfulness undoubtly people have still retained it they do all sorts of games on road and try new things like holding the mobile and talking with one hand and doing some other things with the other....

Regarding the welcoming of others its done with the red carpet treatment..... 
Red carpet of what?? Opening the car door and spitting the red "pan" on the road for the people coming from behind!!

There are sooooooooooo many more I leave it to you to comment and add on ...... 

 One more thing all here want to Improve India because thats what it is noticed from way the people say Government has to do something for improvement...............
Maine ek signal toda toh kya hua...
Maine license nahi liya toh kya hua...
(In short Government should improve without my contribution)
After all what difference can I make as the only one... but we can because all 'I's put together becomes a WE and ultimately a nation.... 


Friday, March 21, 2008


Kabhi beete kal meing khota hai,
Kabhi aate lamho ke sapne sajata hai,
Par kabhi aaj mein nahi rehta hai,
Insaan toa aisa hi hota hai!!

Kabhi jo paas nahi uske liye rota hai,
Kabhi khwab pura hoga ya nahi iski chinta karta hai,
Paar jo hasil hain uss khushi mein na kabhi hansta hai,
Insaan toa aisa hi hota hai!!

Prime minister ne kya kiya isko wooh janna chahta hai,
Filmi sitaron ki jindagi mein usko ruchi hai,
Paar apne paas rehte logon ki kya wooh khabar rakhta hai?
Insaan toa aisa hi hota hai!!

Apne dukho mein wooh rota hai,
Apni khushi se jhuum uthta hai,
Par kya yeh wohi dusro ke liye mehsoos karta hai??
Insaan toa aisa hi hota hai !!

Bhagwan se dua mangne mein jab haath uthaya hai,
Uske aage jab bhi saar zukaya hai,
Tab maine insaan ko insaan banane ka vardaan manga hai…..
Par kya kare Insaan toa aisa hi hota hai !!!!

Wednesday, January 02, 2008


With the tick of the clock,

As it struck twelve, we say the New year at the door has given a knock

It has come to give us happiness and joy,

We feel its come with new hopes and the sadness will not prevail of the days gone by...

But its not the time which can bring us joy

Nor is the new year the one who will prevent our sad cry..

It we who are going to make the New year a happy one or a sad one..

If we are busy partying and wasting our time just to welcome the new year,

Then remember we are not going to land anywhere my dear...

The new year definitely brings new hopes & we expect a lot from it,

But remember its we who can materialize these hopes & expectations and not just expecting from it..

The time will definitely change,

We will get joys of different range..

But when we wake up to see the dawn of change..

When we understand that we need to work hard and to have courage..

to face all the worries and problems and challenges..

The new year is a sign of change... change for the better..

Take up the challenge to change yourself..

Have the courage to prevent all the bad points from coming to yourself..

We all want so many things from others and give so little,

Let us today try to make a difference to improve ourselves and to preserve the life so brittle

We are here to make this world a better place,

To preserve and conserve and improve what we have got with our God's Grace..

Let us today understand the meaning of the New Year...

Its come to help us understand the meaning of life & to help us cheer..

May you work hard for you goals and you will surely acheive them..

May you strive for happiness of others and you will be blessed by them..
Just a soothing touch can heal the wounds of others,
Let your happiness spread to every mile and give joy to others...

May you do every bit of improvement from your side and you shall find the world suddenly becomes a better place..

May you stop worrying and understand that whatever happens happens for the best then you will be blessed with the gifts of peace and good grace...


Tuesday, July 17, 2007


I was tired of living in the untruth,
I mapped my way towards the truth...
I wanted to flea away from this unfair world,
To seclude myself so that I could get that peace and care
I thought I would be happy only if I could be alone,
I thought that this world will not let me live in happiness unless I am alone....
I ran through the miles in my mind
In disgust just to find,
That the worries did not vanish
That the unhappiness did not vanish...
I was just alone but my mind...
Oh this mind... wandered towards the same thoughts
My mind was still clinging on to the past....
It was then that the understanding dawned on me...
The truth crystal clear I could see....
Detachment and not seclusion was the way out.
This very thought made my heart beat faster,
This simple thought had saved me from disaster...
I felt free, I felt secure,
There was nothing more for me to procure....
Living in the world I was detached, I was free....I was happy....
all this happened because,
Yes because I understood!!!!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

What is the real TRUTH??

We see, we hear, we touch, we taste and all this we feel is truth. Is it really so?? We feel sugar is sweet, why does it taste bitter when burnt? Why does the property change. We feel the sky is blue, scientists don’t accept this because they have gone there up well above us and seen that its not blue. We hear a person speaking something about someone but it may not be true. We close our eyes and touch a pineapple and may disagree with someone who says that you eat this!! Then how can we say that we UNDERSTAND?? We know?? I feel its just nonsense. We have deceiving senses, which may mislead us if not used properly!!
We believe there are relations in this world. Mother, father, sister, brother, friends, son, daughter, etc etc….. We feel there is love, there is bonding, we cannot think of living without each other, is this the truth?? Well I still don’t agree!! If there is love why does a person leave another, why does a person die earlier than expected, why can’t a person fulfill promises just because he or she dies earlier than expected. We plan our lives ahead, we project ourselves somewhere…. Can we always fulfill this? Who knows who can see the future?? May be we don’t have a tomorrow written for us?? Who knows?? Can there be permanency in any relation. Not possible!! Things are meant to change, to get modified. Its we who don’t change our outlook!! We feel this is our world, this is our family, this is ours and that is ours…. Seems funny to me!!
What have we brought to this world, that we feel we are going to possess and carry back again. NOTHING!!! Our life is a temporary phase, its like a short trip we take. We sometimes go for a short trip on a beach, on the mountains, etc, may be for 15 days, we enjoy there a lot, we learn a lot from the travel, we hire a room and keep all our luggage there well arranged, we have lunch prepared for ourselves or get it from outside. We do all the normal activities that we do at our house. But do we start feeling that the guest house is our home?? Do we never remember our house?? Do we feel bad to go back home after that 15 days time period?? I am sure the answers would be NO. We long to go back home, we enjoy at that place but continuously remembering that we have to go back, this is not permanent!!! Then why do we feel this world as our home?? Its NOT!!! It’s a guest house we have come to stay. To learn, to enjoy, to make others happy, to add on to our knowledge!!! We have to go back from where we have come. Nothing is permanent in this world, nobody is really ours in this world. That does not mean that we don’t love, don’t care, don’t share. In fact we have come here to learn about love, sharing, caring and improving ourselves, in such a manner that we go back as a better person, not worse!!
All the time I have been saying we have to go back, but what is this we?? Its our soul if you call it that way. Its our breath if you call it that way!! We have not seen the soul but at least we feel and know our breath!!! Is it not permanent for us?? YES!! We cannot survive without our breath, its our companion, its our friend, its our guide….. ITS GOD!! TO UNDERSTAND THIS we have come to this world…. To understand that GOD is ours, to love GOD, to do the acts of GOD, to try to make this world better and in turn make OURSELVES BETTER!!! If we get an understanding of this we HAVE UNDERSTOOD THE TRUTH!!
ENJOY your life to the fullest, but don’t forget the purpose we are here for, we are here to understand the truth, to understand love, not to get stuck up in the mundane activities thinking that this is LIFE….. NO THIS IS NOT LIFE!! Life is understanding the higher self, which is US not understanding THIS PHYSICAL BODY!!!!!!!!! GO AHEAD AND UNHIDE THE LIGHT OF TRUTH!!!!!

Sunday, June 04, 2006


Today my Mom during a conversation said " he's done such a thing, surely if this person goes on doing such things he is bound to go to HELL"

I was drowned into thoughts. I don't know what happened to me with the mention of this word Hell... It was not for the first time that I heard this word. But this time it seemed too close to reality... Heaven and Hell... Heaven and Hell.. I was thinking for some time few minutes back...

Finally I have arrived at a conclusion....{ Before you read further I want to give you a warning that the views and Ideas expressed in the further paragraphs are totally imaginary, do not take these as confirmations ;-) }

I have read in the Great Book 'Bhagwad Gita' that a person takes rebirth till the time his or her 'Karma's ' (Actions or fruits of actions) are left unfulfilled.. So basically when a person finishes with his or her duties on this Earth, the process of rebirth of the soul stops.. it finally rests in an unknown.. mysterious peace totally united with the creator of this Universe "The Parmatma" or God...

To give you an example I shall tell you the example which has happened in front of my eyes, not of rebirth but the person getting fruits of his action... There was a person I knew quite well.. He loved to trouble other people.. The most favourite thing that this person used to love to do is to trouble the people in the building by leaving no water for them..Morning morning he used to open the taps in the house (all of them) to empty the watertank of the building.. He used to fill up water in the loft tank of theirs for their own household need... The entire tank of the building used to get empty and there used to be a Havoc due to water shortage.. The person used to feel a devilish joy when the people used to cry for water.. No one really knew the reason of this water shortage.. We tried a lot to make this person understand not to do such a thing, but this person never listened. When this person was around 50 yrs old, there was sudden kidney failure of his for no reason and he was banned from drinking water above a certain limit. He died with too much of pain and when death was near he somehow felt that this pain was due to the trouble he gave to the people... in relation to water.. So he got the fruit of his actions in that birth itself. If the fruits of his actions would not have been fulfilled in that birth he would have had to take birth anew and in that birth get the fruits of his actions..

So what I feel is this cycle of rebirth (Coming to this world again and again) signifies something.. It signifies that what we call as hell, where people are tortured for their sins, for their wrong doings, they are given punishments for their wrong doings... is nothing but this earth..Otherwise we would never see infants dying, small innocent children who have not even fully seen this world getting cancer, people being handicapped by birth, so many people are there who keep doing good but in return keep getting bad, a person whom everyone adore and like getting killed in an accident or becoming handicapped in it, people losing their loved ones at a young age, people who have lots of money for some time but become really poor, people who don't get financial success, etc etc, there are so many more examples........... What have they done to be punished by all this, don't you think there is some rebirth associated, some prior unfullfilled punishments being got by them?? As there is a Bad side of this world there is the Good one also... Some people leave their good activities incomplete and die.. to reach heaven a person I feel needs to have the specific amount of good activities in his or her account (Just like you need a specified fare to travel to a particular place!!) so they are born again in this world, to collect the stock of good deeds. Now you may feel if I am calling this world HELL then how are good people to be born here, then in that case I think the life of good people, the rebirths are for their trial, their test of patience, their life is to be for doing good to others without expecting good, a person should not stop doing good because someone has not appreciated that... leave things to God... do your good karma and GET THE TICKET TO HEAVEN!!! If you will notice or go through the life stories of great saints you will notice that they have given a lot to the world without expectation and that their whole life was a trial, people did not realise their importance when they were alive but built their temples and statues and worshipped them after they died... so that was the unfulfilled karma of these Saints that they had to go through their test and trial before they would reach heaven...
The second part of the story is Heaven
When a person dies, in the birth where he fulfills all his "Karma's" he goes to the place where there is eternal peace, a peace undiscriptive, that place is nothing but HEAVEN...

That is what according to me is HEAVEN AND HELL... of Heaven I don't know I am still in HELL undergoing trials and punishments!!! ;-)

Please tell me your views about all this.....
Why I call this earth Hell..