Monday, March 20, 2006

Why did you do so ??

We meet so many people everyday,
& meet those who we feel we can call ours, someday...
We feel life without them is so miserable,
The life we were living without them was terrible...
We give off to their needs forgetting ours..
We think of their thoughts first and then ours..
We pray and pray for their well being,
Each moment we think of them though whatever we are doing..
We sincerely extend all our love to them, selflessly,
We never think of what we got from them for us it is unnecessary..
Because we just love
Because we just give
Because we just care
Because we just share
We dont expect anything in return exept true love,
We request that blessings be bestowed on them by God above...
Every moment that we have spent with them is cherished..
Until one day we realise that this relation has been impoverished
Its not by us but by them because they never really loved us,
Never really cared for us...
It was we who thought they were ours...
But we never were really in the list of loved ones of theirs...
Why dont people feel that sincere love and care in their hearts nowadays,
Why dont people realise that its not gold, silver or diamonds which are becoming rare but its true love which is getting rare nowadays...
When we have true love Live is so warm and nice and it seems like a lovely spring season,
But without love life is a barren land and to live there is no reason..
Its said that each person gets what he gives,
He gets in return from others the way in which he lives...
Then when we are loving sincerely why dont we get true love in return
When we are extending a helping hand why dont others do so in return
When we love care and share and live just for others,
Why cant they too do so, why do they create in our life bothers..??
Life is full of light,
It is so bright,
But just because no true love we get,
The darkness of sadness weaves its net...
May be the reason is that we who give true love a priority are in todays world a mismatch..
If materialistic pleasures would be our aim and priority then there would be no problems nor a mismatch...
Then we feel why did God create us so differently from this world as a whole,
Why did he leave us deserted by others and Sole!
Then we realise that we are here for a purpose a cause,
The feelings then in our mind arouse...
Yes we are here to love to care to share go give and to make others live...
Why to expect even true love, Does'nt that to us our dear God give!!
I will not be sad because no one loves me dearly,
I have fixed my aim in life clearly...
I am going to give give give and give...
Forget what in return I shall receive....

Monday, March 13, 2006


The human mind is restless,
It works continuously endless,
We may be fast asleep,
But our mind does not find any sleep,
Thoughts come and go like lightening,
Like ripples in a pond rising and dwindling.
The process of thought goes on incessantly,
Our mind keeps thinking continuously.
Humans are given this quality of thinking,
That’s why to the world changes their bringing.
Our thoughts keep on drifting,
From one thing to another they are wandering.
Mans thoughts are said to be even faster than the speed of light,
They are running continuously morning or night.
Thought may be good, may be bad,
They may make us happy or sad.
One of the thoughts is that of the optimism,
That of anticipation.
That one is the dream we are living for,
It relates to what for us in the future is in store,
Thoughts may be countless, our mind may be restless.
But out of these one thought never our mind leaves,
Even if we ignore it, it will endlessly be behind us,
This thought is the our dream close to our heart,
It is secured in our hearts every beat…
This thought creates our happy world in the dreams,
After a time the power of thought and wishes reaches its extremes,
When the desire to get what we yearn for becomes too strong,
Then it becomes difficult to ignore & its not at all wrong..
This dream comes into reality we achieve what we fancy….
Contended we are for some time till the mind picks up its tendency…
It starts the thinking process, we yearn for something else and then something else,
All we can say is the mind has wishes and thought ENDLESS….!!!

Friday, March 10, 2006

He is there in every Bit of Nature around me!!!!

I was walking along the winding path in the beautiful landscape,
Not a single bit of it could my sight escape,
The soothing breeze reminded me of his touch,
The one which showed for me care much,
I looked at the majestic mountain peaks,
Those reminded me of his strength,
There were few decorations of fog on the mountain like streaks,
These streaks were hiding behind them the mountain's portion,
Creating in my mind a riddles notion.
That reminded me of his habbit of hiding from me unnecessary worries and things,
But guiding me every step and telling me what the next moment brings,
I sat on the stone next to the whooshing river,
Let my feet dip the cool water which made my body quiver.
That reminded me, that every moment we had been together,
May it had been joy, happiness or bother.
A flower suddenly dropped on me from the tree above my head,
It kind of represented every gift that he gave me in my life and every moment towards happiness that he had lead,
My heart was overfull with joy,
I felt like holding this moment and let it never pass by,
He was there with me every moment,
It was justified on my part to be so ardent.
I could feel my dearest God in every bit of nature around,
It was not just nature for me but was like God's arms that me surround.!!!!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The Aims that are huge for us may be tiny in a global view

I saw the ant the other day,
Carrying a grain of sugar & going its way,
Its very sight,
Left me thinking all night,
The ant has the aim of congregating the grains,
Thats its its only aim which can be decided by its small brains,
I felt it must be feeling that Oh! what an aim I have,
Without me doing this job none of my troops will survive,
It must be holding its head so high,
Feeling that my aim is the biggest and I am going to be adored by every other ant passing by,
When it acheives this aim of accumulation of the grains every season,
It must always be feeling big because of this reason,
But one sad day it dies,
without not a single person apart from its small group who cries,
Whole life it lived with an aim,
Which it felt to be very high and always felt the same,
It must have been arrogant and selfish at times,
It must be too proud of doing the work, may have been unnecessarily pompous at times,
That ant did not know, after its death there was no one to bother except its few loved ones,
Whom it must have hurt a number of times because of its own pride of what it does,
Dont we too live the life of the ant?
That we too cant,
Understand that though we have aims and its necessary to fulfill them,
Yet we should not be proud or pompous of the same,
We should respect each person in our lives and try to keep them happy,because
our world is very small, not many people know us,
Though we may feel ourselves big, that many people know me,
We have so many good thing in us, those which everyone can see,
We may have done wonders, may have acheived sucess which is greatest ,
BUT remember we will always remain small, our aim seen globally can never be the biggest,
The only way in which our life can be utilised the best,
Is to make each person we meet happy and give love to the rest,
our world is tooo small around,
It consists of the people who in life, us, surround,
When you leave the world, they are the one's who will miss you,
They are the ones who truly love you,
We may know people in thousand or such other numbers,
But dont feel that you are on top, dont make those blunders,
Because there may be crores more who dont know you,
Think of them and then feel the importance of those who know you,
Think of those who care for you,
Dont hurt them because they have some negatives,
Look at their positives,
In life you get true love rarely, appreciate its importance,
Nothing in life is more important then the person who loves and cares for you, so give that person more importance...
Dont act like the ant who was silly,
If you think you are too popular and you have acheived great success remember it is a big folly!!!!!

Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Life is a lovely gift of our dearest God,
Our good Lord,
We must know that we are here to serve his purpose,
Life is not for us to repose,
We need to work really hard,
& live to his accord,
Life is meant to be loved, to be cared
To be shared,
In life there are mundane things,
The one's to life misery brings,
The only solace of life is love,
You can call it as the other name for life is love,
All mundane things may bring us joy,
But that will always pass by,
But love remains,
Love sustains,
It has no boundaries, no timing,
Death does not lead to separation, there will always be a binding,
Live a life full of love, the love which is selfless,
Which knows no business,
Its just caring,
Its just sharing,
Its just giving,
Its Just LOVING!!!
Smile at the world and the world will smile back,
This is the only way of getting joy, its the knack,
You want happiness give it,
You want joy give it,
You want a smile back give it,
You want a caring hand give it,
Give it such that it will be without expecting,
Without the motive of getting,
See what wonders it creates,
May you not get it from the world but this love God respects,
That happiness, that joy, that smile, that caring hand God will surely give you,
Dont loose on it, go for it, that true love that care is waiting for you!!!

Sunday, March 05, 2006


Another day has come up,
Dont know how it will sum up,
Feeling is Oh! yet another day that has dawned,
With all that strange loneliness that its brought,
Feeling is why are we living,
With this life what are we gaining?
What is this life all about,
What is that for we are here brought?
A tear drops down from the eye,
There comes out a great big sign,
But then again that dreamy world gives me hopes,
That help got to live is just no jokes,
I feel like expressing my loneliness to all,
But then there is no one to listen to my sorrows at all,
All in this world want to only be given happiness,
Though they do love to share their sadness,
I am always a good listener to others sad stories,
and to help them solve all their problems and worries,
Sometimes I feel I too am human then why should I not speak out,
Why should I not tell the whole world my feeling and shout out,
Then I quickly control myself, because I know no one would be interested,
They only want my helping hand, but fail to give theirs to me when by me it is needed,
I tell myself not to feel sad,
Not to feel bad,
Just know that you are here to spread smiles,
These smiles will make people happy in miles,
I give away myself for others,
Forgetting all my bothers,
I spread out the joys of my life to all,
Leave the feeling with me that my bothers are too small,
There are people who may be more sad,
There may be people whose state may be more bad,
So let my life be utilised to spread smiles,
give happiness and give joy in huge piles,
Live for me is forgetting myself,
Giving out joys by sacrificing thyself!!!

Friday, March 03, 2006

The Mystic Life

Suddenly in this world we are entering,
We are desperately crying,
All others around are rejoicing,
With those tiny eyes we look around,
Towards the people that surround,
We feel a bitterness within,
because we are back again cause that unpleasant journey has ought to begin.
All life we are going to slog, All life things we are going to accumulate,
God will be the one to decide each step, he is the one to manipulate,
The long winding path with twists and turns lies ahead,
The silence and peace we were fond has been left behind,
Again we are to live in bits, in joys, in sorrows,
There would be pleasant days, happiness as well as morrow,
There would be artificiality around in each and every phase,
That real love & understanding would always be difficult to get at life's each stage,
We would be a child, then step into the young age,
finally we would be mid aged and then reach the old age,
After that there is bound to be the day when life begins for us,
When for others and the world we would from the body surpass,
When all the frontiers of time we would cross,
When there would be no bonding, no aritifice,
God would again caress us with utmost love, it would feel so nice,
It would be as if we have got the best we need,
Also back to the world we would no longer want to proceed,
We come and live the life full of materialistic things,
Have we ever thought to us what it brings,
All great people teach us that do away with materialistic pleasures,
Look at life's great true treasurers,
You can spread a smile, make someone happy, give unselfish love to all,
All this will help you to go away from the whole world but at the same time to the best in the journey of life and then easily answer the final call,
Now we are at peace, though we see the world we are happy we are not there,
Instead we have all the true love, the peace, the satisfaction here,
We are far off from that short restless journey called as life,
That mystical life!! Whose each and every facet now we know.......

Thursday, March 02, 2006


Life sustains on hope,
That our life will change its robe,
Things that we wish will happen,
Great happiness that we wanted will walk in..
There will be blossoms of joy,
All happiness and no cry,
Life will become wonderful,
Things around will that time seem beautiful,
We have these dreams,
Though they may be extremes,
In the darkness we are dreaming sleeping,
After the dreamy night the morning will be slowly creeping,
Thus when there is a dream in our life,
The morning of it fulfillment will come when we strive,
The dawn has to come surely,
Only if we have the dream and wish it comes true desperately!!!