Wednesday, January 02, 2008


With the tick of the clock,

As it struck twelve, we say the New year at the door has given a knock

It has come to give us happiness and joy,

We feel its come with new hopes and the sadness will not prevail of the days gone by...

But its not the time which can bring us joy

Nor is the new year the one who will prevent our sad cry..

It we who are going to make the New year a happy one or a sad one..

If we are busy partying and wasting our time just to welcome the new year,

Then remember we are not going to land anywhere my dear...

The new year definitely brings new hopes & we expect a lot from it,

But remember its we who can materialize these hopes & expectations and not just expecting from it..

The time will definitely change,

We will get joys of different range..

But when we wake up to see the dawn of change..

When we understand that we need to work hard and to have courage..

to face all the worries and problems and challenges..

The new year is a sign of change... change for the better..

Take up the challenge to change yourself..

Have the courage to prevent all the bad points from coming to yourself..

We all want so many things from others and give so little,

Let us today try to make a difference to improve ourselves and to preserve the life so brittle

We are here to make this world a better place,

To preserve and conserve and improve what we have got with our God's Grace..

Let us today understand the meaning of the New Year...

Its come to help us understand the meaning of life & to help us cheer..

May you work hard for you goals and you will surely acheive them..

May you strive for happiness of others and you will be blessed by them..
Just a soothing touch can heal the wounds of others,
Let your happiness spread to every mile and give joy to others...

May you do every bit of improvement from your side and you shall find the world suddenly becomes a better place..

May you stop worrying and understand that whatever happens happens for the best then you will be blessed with the gifts of peace and good grace...



At 8:00 AM, Blogger Joe said...

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At 12:32 PM, Blogger Joe said...

May the way that lies ahead be lit with sunny gleams and prove to be the road to
fulfillment of your dreams.

May it lead you to the place where lost hopes are restored, where love is true and
life is good and faith has its reward.

May the year ahead be the year for you.


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