Sunday, June 04, 2006


Today my Mom during a conversation said " he's done such a thing, surely if this person goes on doing such things he is bound to go to HELL"

I was drowned into thoughts. I don't know what happened to me with the mention of this word Hell... It was not for the first time that I heard this word. But this time it seemed too close to reality... Heaven and Hell... Heaven and Hell.. I was thinking for some time few minutes back...

Finally I have arrived at a conclusion....{ Before you read further I want to give you a warning that the views and Ideas expressed in the further paragraphs are totally imaginary, do not take these as confirmations ;-) }

I have read in the Great Book 'Bhagwad Gita' that a person takes rebirth till the time his or her 'Karma's ' (Actions or fruits of actions) are left unfulfilled.. So basically when a person finishes with his or her duties on this Earth, the process of rebirth of the soul stops.. it finally rests in an unknown.. mysterious peace totally united with the creator of this Universe "The Parmatma" or God...

To give you an example I shall tell you the example which has happened in front of my eyes, not of rebirth but the person getting fruits of his action... There was a person I knew quite well.. He loved to trouble other people.. The most favourite thing that this person used to love to do is to trouble the people in the building by leaving no water for them..Morning morning he used to open the taps in the house (all of them) to empty the watertank of the building.. He used to fill up water in the loft tank of theirs for their own household need... The entire tank of the building used to get empty and there used to be a Havoc due to water shortage.. The person used to feel a devilish joy when the people used to cry for water.. No one really knew the reason of this water shortage.. We tried a lot to make this person understand not to do such a thing, but this person never listened. When this person was around 50 yrs old, there was sudden kidney failure of his for no reason and he was banned from drinking water above a certain limit. He died with too much of pain and when death was near he somehow felt that this pain was due to the trouble he gave to the people... in relation to water.. So he got the fruit of his actions in that birth itself. If the fruits of his actions would not have been fulfilled in that birth he would have had to take birth anew and in that birth get the fruits of his actions..

So what I feel is this cycle of rebirth (Coming to this world again and again) signifies something.. It signifies that what we call as hell, where people are tortured for their sins, for their wrong doings, they are given punishments for their wrong doings... is nothing but this earth..Otherwise we would never see infants dying, small innocent children who have not even fully seen this world getting cancer, people being handicapped by birth, so many people are there who keep doing good but in return keep getting bad, a person whom everyone adore and like getting killed in an accident or becoming handicapped in it, people losing their loved ones at a young age, people who have lots of money for some time but become really poor, people who don't get financial success, etc etc, there are so many more examples........... What have they done to be punished by all this, don't you think there is some rebirth associated, some prior unfullfilled punishments being got by them?? As there is a Bad side of this world there is the Good one also... Some people leave their good activities incomplete and die.. to reach heaven a person I feel needs to have the specific amount of good activities in his or her account (Just like you need a specified fare to travel to a particular place!!) so they are born again in this world, to collect the stock of good deeds. Now you may feel if I am calling this world HELL then how are good people to be born here, then in that case I think the life of good people, the rebirths are for their trial, their test of patience, their life is to be for doing good to others without expecting good, a person should not stop doing good because someone has not appreciated that... leave things to God... do your good karma and GET THE TICKET TO HEAVEN!!! If you will notice or go through the life stories of great saints you will notice that they have given a lot to the world without expectation and that their whole life was a trial, people did not realise their importance when they were alive but built their temples and statues and worshipped them after they died... so that was the unfulfilled karma of these Saints that they had to go through their test and trial before they would reach heaven...
The second part of the story is Heaven
When a person dies, in the birth where he fulfills all his "Karma's" he goes to the place where there is eternal peace, a peace undiscriptive, that place is nothing but HEAVEN...

That is what according to me is HEAVEN AND HELL... of Heaven I don't know I am still in HELL undergoing trials and punishments!!! ;-)

Please tell me your views about all this.....
Why I call this earth Hell..


At 3:59 PM, Blogger $1L>erB@Ck said...

totally believe in karma.but i always wonder..who the hell must be keeping all the records of ones actions?

first name basis now are

At 4:49 PM, Blogger Priya_Satarkar said...

Thnx for your view. Well what I feel about your query "who the hell must be keeping all the records of the actions" is that I feel our soul must be like the Floppy or CD of a computer or some kind of chip where all records are kept, when this particular CD ie soul is inserted in the main computer ie "Parmatma" or comes in contact with the device that can read it the records become visible and decisions can be taken accordingly.. What do you say...

At 4:07 PM, Blogger pradiip said...

lol in flopy and cd case the parmatma would be electricity.the charge.
well you are right abt this hell and heaven. who knows where it is. But in present, heaven is good times and hell is what we call bad times (dire straits).
I would prefer pain. The best friend who can not ditch you anywhere. or in anyworld :)

At 1:40 PM, Blogger Srijith Unni said...

Like you say, heaven and hell are all conceptual things, and the same could be said about rebirth. Basically all these things are defined, only so that we live a disciplined life with principles. Life and death is all real and happens before our eyes. People suffer and make suffer all in the same life, however whether we will be able to reach out to the soul, after the death of the body, that we can only find out when the time comes for us.. whether we see our actions and repent, living the life of a spirit or is it simply a journey into nothingness.


At 4:08 PM, Blogger Priya_Satarkar said...

Nice view that heaven is good times and hell is bad times.. I liked your sentence "I would prefer pain, the best friend who will not ditch you anywhere"

Thanks a lot for your view. I think the last line made me think...!!

At 11:36 PM, Blogger Joe said...

Nice Write up Priya,
I liked lines from the great book "Bhagwat Gita" that says
"A person takes rebirth till the time his or her 'Karma's ' are left unfulfilled."
It simplifies my life pattern a lot.Conceptually speaking ,I have held the hand of the devil & it burned like fire but a few years back I had a life changing event and after that I realised that I had just existed, not lived.
There were no Actions like the old man did in your building but maybe thats the reason I am still alive :) Maybe I am facing the the trials and punishments of actions in my previous life. Whatever it is I will try my level best to be siritualistic, but I'd just like to say something with all due respect Welcome to HELL!
I thought only I think like you do can offer you just a shoulder to cry on.I also will prefer pain like Pradiips comments but all I ask for is the ability to face the pain.
"Laugh, like you have never cried.
Play, like you have never lost.
Love, like you've never been hurt.
And live, like there's no tomorrow."

At 12:38 AM, Blogger pradiip said...

Joe, Priya I have a thought for you guys. I know its true if I can make pain my best friend.
Some great thoughts..
" Laugh, like you have never cried.
Play, like you have never lost.
Love, like you've never been hurt.
And live, like there's no tomorrow."

I have something to say too..
Laugh, when your eyes are burning.
Smile, when your heart is filled with pain.
Sigh, as you brush away your sorrow.
Make a vow, that's it's not going to happen again.
Cuz, it's not right, in one life, too much rain.

How abt making a vow ? What you say ? :)

At 9:36 PM, Blogger Priya_Satarkar said...

Joe & Pradiip,
Both of you'll have got lovely thoughts. Lovely poems. I guess life is to enjoy every moment. Who says pain and sadness are bad.. If you go to see in your own life there are no bad times at all because whatever happens, happens for the best.. Even though we feel pain, sadness, that is because we need to feel it so that we know the value of happiness.. Also we all are immature to feel that there are wrong things in the world or around us.. actually there are perfect plans, only thing we don't understand those and feel sad.. Joe you are correct in saying that we should like the pain also only thing is we can ask for the strength to face it and also to help others in need which is most important.. I would say live a life which is filled to the minimum expectations from others but expect the most to be done from your side..!! Thanks both of you'll for being a part of my blog world, wish I will get this support from you'll always...

At 2:51 PM, Blogger passerby55 said...

A post on heaven and hell

Some good point of views here to read.

Do good you get good, do bad you get Bad!...was taught to me as child. We are rational beings and must have reasons for all our actions...

I suppose only those actions which have been meaning harm Intentionally to others are EVIL...

Such actions are punished in his /her life, so that people around can see and know why is it nec. to always do right. Justice does prevail...We are answerable for all our actions...

A post to realise and check our actions...thanks

At 3:28 PM, Blogger passerby55 said...

We are not here just to consume, to be ambitious, and to collect our share of material wealth.
We are here to care for each other, to bring joy to each other, and to offer our hearts and our hands to help one another...

If we all realise this....then
i think
"Why I call this earth Hell.." will never exist

At 8:53 PM, Blogger Priya_Satarkar said...

Hmmm great thinking "If we all realise this then hell will not exist" Absolutely correct... I feel. Thanks for your view.

At 2:10 AM, Blogger priya said...

/then how are good people to be born here/

Whoever is born in this world are all good. But when they growup, it matters a lot whith whom the kids relationship and interaction starts.
A child learns from his/her parents; friends and then the society.
To me personally, I say myslef: do not hurt others and talk evil. It only affects our mind and get stressed no matter wat.

If you talk about about good/bad, based on my personal experience..
I lost my mom at the age of 58 and I asked myself, why god took away my moom who was good for all and dear to us was snatched away.
I feel people who have lived happy within a short period reach spiritual attainment.

Once invisible, we are spread everywhere. We spend the days in heaven for the good things we did and the rest hell. Coz man is a social animal.

At 5:59 PM, Blogger Yashita said...

hey nice post...I believe that hell and heaven both are on earth,and what you give comes bcak to u, good or bad, it comes right back to u!

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At 4:38 PM, Anonymous pravin said...

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