Tuesday, May 29, 2007

What is the real TRUTH??

We see, we hear, we touch, we taste and all this we feel is truth. Is it really so?? We feel sugar is sweet, why does it taste bitter when burnt? Why does the property change. We feel the sky is blue, scientists don’t accept this because they have gone there up well above us and seen that its not blue. We hear a person speaking something about someone but it may not be true. We close our eyes and touch a pineapple and may disagree with someone who says that you eat this!! Then how can we say that we UNDERSTAND?? We know?? I feel its just nonsense. We have deceiving senses, which may mislead us if not used properly!!
We believe there are relations in this world. Mother, father, sister, brother, friends, son, daughter, etc etc….. We feel there is love, there is bonding, we cannot think of living without each other, is this the truth?? Well I still don’t agree!! If there is love why does a person leave another, why does a person die earlier than expected, why can’t a person fulfill promises just because he or she dies earlier than expected. We plan our lives ahead, we project ourselves somewhere…. Can we always fulfill this? Who knows who can see the future?? May be we don’t have a tomorrow written for us?? Who knows?? Can there be permanency in any relation. Not possible!! Things are meant to change, to get modified. Its we who don’t change our outlook!! We feel this is our world, this is our family, this is ours and that is ours…. Seems funny to me!!
What have we brought to this world, that we feel we are going to possess and carry back again. NOTHING!!! Our life is a temporary phase, its like a short trip we take. We sometimes go for a short trip on a beach, on the mountains, etc, may be for 15 days, we enjoy there a lot, we learn a lot from the travel, we hire a room and keep all our luggage there well arranged, we have lunch prepared for ourselves or get it from outside. We do all the normal activities that we do at our house. But do we start feeling that the guest house is our home?? Do we never remember our house?? Do we feel bad to go back home after that 15 days time period?? I am sure the answers would be NO. We long to go back home, we enjoy at that place but continuously remembering that we have to go back, this is not permanent!!! Then why do we feel this world as our home?? Its NOT!!! It’s a guest house we have come to stay. To learn, to enjoy, to make others happy, to add on to our knowledge!!! We have to go back from where we have come. Nothing is permanent in this world, nobody is really ours in this world. That does not mean that we don’t love, don’t care, don’t share. In fact we have come here to learn about love, sharing, caring and improving ourselves, in such a manner that we go back as a better person, not worse!!
All the time I have been saying we have to go back, but what is this we?? Its our soul if you call it that way. Its our breath if you call it that way!! We have not seen the soul but at least we feel and know our breath!!! Is it not permanent for us?? YES!! We cannot survive without our breath, its our companion, its our friend, its our guide….. ITS GOD!! TO UNDERSTAND THIS we have come to this world…. To understand that GOD is ours, to love GOD, to do the acts of GOD, to try to make this world better and in turn make OURSELVES BETTER!!! If we get an understanding of this we HAVE UNDERSTOOD THE TRUTH!!
ENJOY your life to the fullest, but don’t forget the purpose we are here for, we are here to understand the truth, to understand love, not to get stuck up in the mundane activities thinking that this is LIFE….. NO THIS IS NOT LIFE!! Life is understanding the higher self, which is US not understanding THIS PHYSICAL BODY!!!!!!!!! GO AHEAD AND UNHIDE THE LIGHT OF TRUTH!!!!!


At 9:43 PM, Blogger priya said...

Welcome back priya and good to see ya after a long gap.

At 1:09 PM, Blogger Zubair said...

Hey priya hi. You are right. I agree with ur written lines. Thanks bcoz u can help many people to think befor taking wrong steps. Well will u be my friend? Keep on writting such lines. Zubairjasnaik@yahoo.com


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