Friday, October 02, 2015


Today on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti I remembered reading about him and just got hold of few of those thoughts. Gandhiji was the one who founded 'Swaraj' which we often interpret as 'Independence' if we see more keenly we can observe it is Swa: self and Raj: rule or in other words rule your self. If we take a deeper thought it connects that understanding of ruling our own self, when we rule our own self we understand the difference in good and bad. We start taking responsibility wherever possible. We do not justify the wrong that we are doing nor do we allow others to do wrong. We are in total control of our thoughts and actions. We are not slaves to anyone not even our wandering mind.
Today we need to understand the true meaning of 'Swaraj' and start doing good and opposing bad.
Another thought of his is very important for us in today's date that is the one who does wrong is bad but the one who tolerates wrong is worst. We as Indians have become toooo tolerant to bad and have forgotten to oppose it. So we should start opposing anything wrong and start doing as much as possible that is good.
So raise your voice against anything going wrong. Its not "them" who will make a difference but 'I' who can. If every person would have thought that let others fight against the British rulers we would have still remained slaves.

Simple things to start with and very easy if you have the will to change things for good in our country would be: stop jumping signals, obey rules made for our good, stop throwing garbage here and there,     segregate waste into dry and wet, stop keeping that casual attitude towards work, do necessary paperwork ,  take proper bills for commodities you purchase. Leave the CHALTA HAI attitude., dont stick to othordox thoughts, think independently of situations and try to understand whether your conscious is allowing you to do that, praise the good that is happening around instead of gossiping, dont waste time use it for something noble.

If we want good change to come we have to change ourselves and others around. We cant rely on handful people who are asking to follow rules and good things whereas the rest majority population of the 1.2 billion is just complaining and blaming and being disobedient and creating problems.
We should stop this attitude of continuous dependence on others for any good. We should stop the slavery of our mind that makes us so materialistic whereby neglecting the bad we are doing in procurement of money for that materialism.
Instead of making fun of 'Bapu' and being slaves to bad things let us remember his contribution and good things he did, also follow the teachings that relate to our betterment.