Tuesday, May 23, 2006


It was a lovely starry night,
Was sitting in the garden in solitude that night,
Wondering and pondering of many things,
All the good and bad as we call it that life brings..
If we say something is good for a person, the same is bad for the other..
For a person having diabetes sugar is bad but the same sugar for a person who is weak acts as a boon..
A dead animal we feel is a bad sight, but for the vultures it is a delight!! They have got their food..
We say this is sin and that is virtue.. we say this is bad and that is good
But the truth of life have we understood…
A few years back something may have been said to be bad,
But today we find the same thing as good..
In India drinking tea was a no no, in the olden times,
But today tea is offered whenever at the door there are chimes,
In those times if you are Sleeping late and getting up late,
You would be shown your home’s gate!!!
But today if that was the case what would the night shift people do..??
So once upon a time what was bad is now good
& that which may have been good is now bad..
Then what is the ultimate truth of life??
When life ends, death engulfs the person…
Nothing remains of the body…
We go away to an unknown kingdom… an unknown place..
Each person who comes has to go..
Entrapped in the body the soul is then released..
Each movement of the body ceases .
No name no fame you carry..
Time and again living beings come to the world and die away…
The concept of life keeps on changing, keeps on shifting..
People change, Cultures change, geological changes occur…
Concepts change, Fashions change, Ideas change, biology of plants changes, even animals change, looks change, structures change,
Stars break, planets change directions, changes occur on the Sun’s façade….
What remains ceaselessly is DEATH…
Death never changes… It comes to everything that has life…
Over crores of years death has never changed… the concept of death has never died away.. never faded away….
Each living being faces the truth CALLED DEATH…
This is the ultimate truth of life…
This is the only IMMORTAL in the world of MORTALS
Everyone is behind what is MORTAL…
I wish to know what lies beyond or within this IMMORTAL..!!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Encounter with a TRUE HUMAN being.

I was just watching the recaps of the Great Indian Laughter challenge. A sentence said by a performer caught my mind. He said “ Insaan ek ajeeb janwar hai, Kutte ko kabhi batana nahi padta ki tu kutta ban, kutte ke jaisa bartaw kar, Gaay ko kabhi batana nahi padta ki tum Gaay ke jaisa bartaw kar, Lekin… Lekin Insaan ko hamesha batana padta hai ki aree tu insaan baan tu insaniyat ko jinda rakh!!!” LOVELY ONE..

Its really true that humanity is becoming lesser and lesser in today’s mechanical world. People try not to get involved in things where they would have to go out of their way to help or they will need to take up some trouble for others.. There are people who earn lots of money by cheating others.. Monetary and mundane pleasures are on top priority for people nowadays.. But I still believe that there is lots of humanity in this world.. If you have ever been to North India, Places like Kulu, Manali, Gadhwal region, all the religious places like Badri Kedar, Gangotri.. you will agree with me completely..

I shall narrate an incident which has touched my life (perhaps all who were there when this incident took place) and whenever I feel there is no humanity or humanity is vanishing I remind myself of this incident and this feeling goes away.. I feel soothed by the feeling that atleast in some corner of this world humanity exists in full quantity!!

“We (a group of 16 people) had gone to the Northern India tour. It was the month of April. We had planned out a trip to Shimla, Kulu, Manali, Ranikhet, etc..
We finally arrived at the place. That was the day when we all were excited about having a good time at Manali. We had planned to play a lot in the snow.
It was seven in the morning. The sky was clear. The air was cool and refreshing. The whooshing river which was quite close to the rest house we were in. We could see the river from the balcony of our room. The lovely trees were swaying against the wind. Though the air was cool it was not so cold that we needed some coats etc. So we decided to go in our normal jeans and T-shirt dresses. When our cab stopped at the base of the mountain from where we were supposed to climb up we could see that there were dark clouds gathering in the sky. The air suddenly became chilled and we felt the need of overcoats, gloves, woolen caps.. Luckily there was a lady (the typical Gadhwali, one with red cheeks and fair skin) giving such clothing accessories along with gum boots on rent. We were all happy and we pounced on the warm clothes to make ourselves comfortable and to stand the wind and cold. So there we were all in different kinds of furry coats with the same kind of caps on the heads, Gloves in our hands, Gum boots worn.. I felt as if we were astronomers ready to go on our space campaign. Finally with all the preparations we started climbing up the mountain to reach our skiing camp. Hmm though it was cold, we played like mad in the snow.. The local people must be wondering from which mental hospital we all had come. But we had a great time playing in the snow, throwing snowballs at each other, making some funny shapes (which we named as snowmen) from the snow. All in all it was a great time. In the midst of this playing and enjoyment we realized that it was sunny again so since we could not remove our coat, because we would have had to carry them in our hand we removed our gloves and caps and put them in our pockets. Then we continued playing for quite some time. Finally the time came when we had to start our trek down again. Laughing and chit chatting we finally arrived at the base of the camp. We gave back the coats, gloves etc that we had taken on rent. The lady counted all of them and found that one of the pair of gloves was short. She looked quite sad. Though it was our mistake she did not even say a bad word. But then we had to make up our mistake, we paid her the cost of the gloves, apologizing to her we went to the nearby restaurant to have a nice hot cup of tea. The lady said that she has sent her son on the mountain to check whether he could find the gloves, if at all he finds it we will come and return you the money in the restaurant. We told her it was not a problem, even if she found the gloves she could still keep the money as a gift (For us Fourty Rupees was not a big amount) After the tea we even forgot about the gloves, the lady and that Rs 40. We went to the car and started our way back to the rest house. Suddenly we located a figure coming running from the mountain towards the tar road. All of a sudden that human figure came ahead of our car and spread hands in a position asking to wait. The one driving applied full breaks and some of us were on top of each other… Finally when we got to our normal positions we looked ahead, surprised to see the same lady giving the clothes on rent standing ahead of our car. !! We got down and asked her what the matter was. She said “ My son found the gloves, here are your forty Rupees!!!” We were thunderstruck, was she crazy! Running 3 kilometers along the difficult mountain path, she had come to return our money!! How Honest can a person be! I thought her to be God, because living in a city am not used to this kind of things happening. I said to her also that you must be a saint or else God… She said “No I am just a human being and I am just doing what a Human being should do, I cannot live on the money which I would have earned by cheating you’ll” We were thrilled and said that please don’t return the money keep it as a gift of your honesty, infact take this Hundred rupees also. But she nicely refused, gave the money back in our hand and vanished in the green trees running quickly back to work.. She went away but left this incident engraved in my heart as a symbol of humanity. I feel happy and satisfied when I recall this incident, because I feel I am lucky that atleast once in my lifetime I have met a true human being!!"

Tuesday, May 02, 2006


We live in a country full of variety… There are all types of climates, somewhere its really cold, somewhere its too hot, there is a desert, there is an area where it rains really heavily… There is so much of variety in nature also, there are mountains, seashores, forests, deserts…. There are so many different people, people following different cultures, religions etc.. There are so many historic places to visit, so many places having mystic ambience… This country is fascinating, this country is amazing, Ya its none other than this lovely India…

India is not only famous for its rich and varied nature but also for the great culture it follows.. people over here are the ones who still keep humanity, love, as an important thing in their life… India is also famous for the knowledgeable things that it has given to the world… It has taught so many things directly and indirectly to the world… India has had so many learned people in the olden times ‘rishis’ as they call them.. these people have given lots of knowledge to the world in the form of many stories and books like “Bhagwad Gita”, “Vedas” “Ramayana” “Mahabharata” and many more.. If we read through these we find that what we appreciate as inventions today, those and still much more advanced things were in existence in the olden days… Would like to give you a few instances:

We often look at the sky and see an airplane in the sky, we feel “Oh it’s the latest technology which helps man to fly quickly to far off places…..” Then what was that thing in which Ravan from the Ramayan kidnapped Sita and took her to Lanka Flying over the sea..

When we hear of the ‘Test Tube’ baby concept, we feel that “Oh my God, Science is so advanced” Then what was that which lead to a woman giving birth to 100 Kauravs at the same time (in Mahabharata) was it not a kind of Test Tube baby technique..

When we go home and switch on the TV we are glad that we can see what is happening far off where probably we may not even go anytime…Thanks to Invention… But then what was that which helped ‘Sanjay’ narrate the entire things which were happening on the Battlefield (in Mahabharata) to Dhrutrashtra.. sitting right inside the Palace miles away from the actual place of war…

We feel these atomic energies and all are invented and used now, science has reached so much of heights….. Have you closely studied the top view of the Bhabha Atomic research center, it resembles the ‘Shivlinga’… May be people in olden days were carrying out research in these places which we call as Shivalayas… Some kind of atomic energy research… Till date we are not allowed to cross the outlet from where water flows (the water with which ‘Abhishek’ is done on Shivalinga) We have to take a half Pradakshina and then return to take the other half to complete it… May be there were and still are some atomic remains which give harmful radiations that may cause problems if we walk across them.. but at the same time visiting that place may give us loads of good energy… only if we are careful enough

We feel DNA, Cloning, etc are new concepts, but if you read through the ‘Shivpuran’ well you will find out that these are olden day common things for the great Gods and Rishis. Lord Shiva was supposed to be so powerful that from a single hair of his he could produce an entire army.. or troop of people… Then don’t you think this is the latest thing which scientists are working on (preparing a living thing out of the hair, which ofcourse they have recently discovered contains DNA) existed crores of years back…

Scientists are still struggling to make the correct use of Solar Energy… But the ‘Gayatri Mantra’ is the one which teaches us to use the Solar energy.. The book which I read says that a person if correctly can utter this mantra for something around 24lac times then such a person can get the power of taking up solar energy directly as food, just as plants use it… There is no need of depending on the plants or animals as a source of food…
One may deny these powers but we cant say it cannot happen till we have tried…

Science is way behind, it still does not know what is death… I have read in a book named “Discover Yourself” which I feel is quite true “When a person dies, the brain cells are still alive, most of the organs are alive since a transplant of these can be done in the body of another, the heart cells are alive, there what is it which has left the body because of which we call the person dead… what was there earlier which has left the body now? Can science give a valid answer.. No till date No… But science will deny the fact of the existence of the soul”

There are so many more mysteries which have been left behind by these knowledgeable people of the past.. I feel they are calling out to me, Come ahead and DISCOVER… I often wonder when I WILL MAKE THAT DISCOVERY… when I can uncover the Treasures… which are much more valuable then gold and silver…. But I surely will, I would love to Research and find out the mysteries deep in this mystic country, My India….